The Right Gym Bag Essentially Burns Calories…

When I entered the “real world” I found myself carrying a work bag stuffed to the max with essentials, gym clothes, lunch, and basically my entire life. It was heavy, unnecessary and honestly exhausting. (Plus I was sick of walking around looking like a crazy bag lady).

A gym bag is pretty subjective, some people are fine not using one, but I found that once I found the right one and started using it – I would never go back. A designated gym bag helps keep you organized and makes the flow of getting to and from the gym easier, keeping you motivated – something we all occasionally need!

After months of looking, I found one that fits my laundry list of absurd and annoying gym-bag criteria:

LW9C14S_019067_8 LW9C14S_019067_9  LW9C14S_019067_11 LW9C14S_019067_12 LW9C14S_019067_13

My thoughts on the Om for all bag: Great bag with plenty of compartments for your un-seeables and sweaty gym clothes, shower shoes, and toiletries. I wish the bag had a cross body strap for days I am feeling lazy – but overall, definitely recommend!


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