5 Ways To Stay Well When You Are Busy

Life seems to endlessly speed up in the summer (I’m not complaining, promise). By the end of the week, I am utterly exhausted and just want some pizza and a glass of wine. Recently, I have tried to remind myself to take time to do things that keep me balanced when the going gets tough. Give them a try, and find one that works for you.


1. Enjoy a quiet moment. Slow down and smell the roses for crying out loud. Take a walk and enjoy the scenery (above photo from the Boston Harbor Hotel). Slowing down is an effective and simple practice that calms the mind and nervous system. Sip some lemon water, practice meditation, or if that’s not your thing, just go for a walk with no distractions.

2. Move your body. Taking the time to exercise noticeably reduces stress and anxiety. If you can’t seem to fit it in, try an at home workout like Kayla Itsines body guides or visit https://fiitclub.com/ to really get your sweat on. If all else fails, just head out for a walk!

3. Eat Breakfast. Luckily for me breakfast is one of my favorite meals. However, as a self-acclaimed bagel enthusiast, I have become better about making healthy choices that set me up for a day of success. When blood sugar is out of whack in the AM, it makes it nearly impossible to make healthy food choices for the rest of the day.

4. Ditch the mobile. Due to my job, I almost always have my phone within arms reach. On weekends, I am making more of a concerted effort to appreciate my days of mobile freedom and trying to steer clear of social media and email. It’s not easy, but calling attention to staying present in the moment is a good habit to develop. Whatever it may be calling you to check your phone – it can wait.

5. Practice kindness. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own problems and forget that everyone else is going through their own struggles. If you feel yourself really stressing out, smile at someone, or give a sincere compliment. Smiling releases Serotonin (makes you feel good) and brings you a sense of ease. So when you need a quick pick-me-up, shoot someone a smile for no reason – it may just make their day.


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