Stressed out? Enter: Calm App


I’ll admit, the whole idea of mediation was something that I read about everywhere, but I could never get on board. This past winter, when Boston was consistently buried in 3 feet of snow, I decided I needed to give this app a try. Calm lets you put on a sleep timer and gives quick guided lessons on mediation. Read the below reasons and try not to download it:

1. image1 (3)Meditation lowers stress levels. It helps lower the amount of cortisol in your bod (hint: less stress, less binge eating, less need for a glass of vino). How could you not with this background and the sounds of waves and summer?

2. Increases self awareness. Mediation helps you be mindful of your current experiences and help you do so in a non-judgemental way. This helps us become more self-aware (and less bitchy when someone is getting in the way of us and our 6:40pm booty class).

3. It can help you lose weight. That cake you can’t resist, that cookie calling your name, that pizza that is basically begging you to take a bite? Mindfulness can actually help you make better decisions and appreciate what you are putting into your body. This allows you to be more mindful when choosing what to eat for dinner.

If none of these send you running to the App store, maybe looking at one of these screen options while you sit on the train en-route to work will:



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