How Not To Eat Crap When You’re Busy

It’s a struggle in the summer (and always) to plan ahead enough so that you aren’t scrambling at 7:45 on a Monday to find something healthy to bring for breakfast and lunch. It’s hard enough to squeeze in a workout, emails, friendships, relationships, and sleep. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, but I have recently begun to build a healthy routine that makes me feel better overall.

Here are some tips to eating healthy and clean when you can’t even seem to catch your breath:



1. Green smoothie: On days I am in a rush, I throw together some spinach, coconut water, a banana, some frozen fruit, and a few chia seeds. Check out my recipe here.

2. Avocado toast. I know, I know, this seems to be all the rage these days. But to be fair, it is a healthy, protein-packed way to start your day. Bring in a loaf of bread to the office, freeze it, then toast and top with avocado and sliced hard boiled egg on days you’re in the mood.

3. Microwaveable steel cut oats. My winter go-to. This is so easy to pop in the microwave, top with banana, berries, and 1T of almond butter. Plus, it keeps you full until lunch!



Oh lunch, how I look forward to you! Some days I am extra prepared and have my lunches pre-packed from Sunday night. Some days I’m not. Here are a few of my go-to’s and tricks for the times you are super organized, or not.

1. Keep olive oil, salt, pepper, hot sauce (whatever makes your salads sing) at your desk. It makes it easy to dress a boring salad right before lunch time so it isn’t wilted when that meeting runs late. Pack greens, cucumbers, and throw on some shredded chicken (homemade or from the Whole Food’s salad bar – nobody’s judging).

2. Make leftovers. Some people hate leftovers. But day’s I am making something like roasted chicken and veggies, or a big batch of chicken soup, I make sure I have some leftover that are easy to throw in my bag and bring to work.


I’m not sure about you, but my office is stacked with chocolate, cheez-its, and snacks that I know I should not be reaching for come 2pm. I try to stock my drawers with a few healthy go-to’s:

1. Almond butter. Sometimes 1T of this stuff can get me through to dinner and keep me from grabbing that  bag of Cape Cod Chips.

2. Nuts. A handful of nuts is packed with protein and keeps you full until your next meal.


Dinner can be tough! After working a long day, working out, and occasionally trying not to be a bad friend, getting around to making a well-rounded dinner can be difficult. Here are a few easy strategies to make sure you are reaching for the good stuff:


1. Spiralizer. I have never met a spiralized veggie I didn’t like. Not only are veggies inexpensive, but it takes 2 minutes to make them into these noodles, and another few to throw into a pan with garlic, olive oil, S+P and some pre-cooked shredded chicken. Dinner is done. (This blog has enough recipes to last you a lifetime).

2. One-pan wonders. Days where the errands and tasks feel endless, I throw some salmon into a pan with some cubed carrots, zucchini or sweet potato, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a few herbs and throw it in the oven for 30 minutes. What comes out? A fully balanced, delicious meal I can be proud of.


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