Book Review: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

There are so many different health books out there, and its hard to prioritize which ones to read. But, we are trying to sift through some of the health literature that’s out there to identify the important books, themes and moments to take with us on our healthy adventures. I just finished Cameron Diaz’s book “The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body,” so here are my biggest takeaways:

The Body Book Review

  • “The purpose of this book is to help you connect with your body and understand its basic needs and functions so that you have the knowledge and confidence to go out into the world and be the healthiest person you can be.” – I think this quote really sums up the book. Cameron really wants you to understand what health really is. We often associate the term “health” with being fit, thin or beautiful, but taking care of your health is so much more than just for appearances. And its not just physical fitness, its mental wellness too.
  • Fun fact: “If you are twenty-four years old, you have spent about eight years of your life asleep.” Isn’t that crazy?! Think about how long eight years is! And, to think we’ve spent all that time sleeping…
  • “Any goal you’ve ever achieved, any accomplishment you’ve ever had, probably took some serious dedication and work. You had to show up everyday and put in the time and put in the energy. Same goes for your health.” Another big point Cameron emphasizes throughout the book is that health is not just a fad diet or a juice cleanse or a once a month spin class. You have to commit to yourself if you want to have long-term health in the same way you would commit to a team, a partner or employer.
  • Favorite quote from the book: “Health is not about depriving yourself. It’s about giving yourself everything you deserve.” I love this quote because there is often such a bad stigma associated with people who work out alot or prefer to eat healthy – or people will say “I can’t believe you work out every day” or “I can’t believe you don’t want this cupcake.” But, if you really make your health a priority in your day to day life, its not a chore at all. It becomes something that you value and start to prioritize in your life and soon, you won’t be able to live any other way.

Overall, I loved Cameron Diaz’s approach to health in her book. There were some parts that were more scientific, which weren’t necessarily up my alley, but she does a great job simplifying and explaining how your body works and how you need to support it in order to maintain your health well into your hundreds.

I definitely recommend this book, so please do check it out – happy reading!


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