BFX Back Bay Gets Chilly

imagesAt the risk of sounding basic, we are always one to try new and innovative workouts. Not because we expect it to magically change the way we look, but because it’s fun and important to constantly mix up what you are doing. Recently, a Boston trainer told us about a new “cold” workout that BFX Back Bay was doing. Intrigued, and given the fact that it was 92 degrees out, we decided to learn more and check it out.

Our pre-work: Before dropping $32 on the class (we would have gone anyways), we did some research. In a new study, it was found that 15 minutes in the cold can be the metabolic equivalent of an hour of exercise. Both have an impact on our two main types of adipose tissue, aka fat. Although not significant, we’ll take every calorie we can get. (Check out this women’s health article for more deets).

The class: There isn’t a class that Kelly Brabants teaches that we don’t love. So, maybe we are biased.The class was 30 minutes of kettlebell/cardio and 30 minutes of boxing. It was noticeably colder when we walked in, although that didn’t stop us from sweating.We left fully exhausted and dragged ourselves to SweetGreen where we thoroughly enjoyed our salads (sitting down). image1 (5)


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