Tennis For Twenty-Somethings

It used to be that our weekends were filled with brunches, drinks, and late nights. Don’t get us wrong, those still take up a majority of our weekends, but as we get older, and find ourselves getting up earlier (sigh), it’s important to fill our days with healthier activities like exercising and not drinking at 10am.

After a recent trip to Amelia Island, when the weather was not so great, tennis happened. I had forgotten my love of tennis and weeks of my youth spend at camps. It wasn’t necessarily like riding a bike and I wasn’t great – but it was fun and was an active way to spend a few hours of my weekend. So with that, we decided we wanted to start playing again. Here’s how we are getting started:

  1. Gear. Let’s be honest, this is probably the most fun part. We picked up a Wilson racket and some balls off of amazon, and the Pace Rival Skirt II from lululemon. This skirt is hugely comfortable and has a higher waist which everyone loves.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
  2. Lessons. Sure, we can pretend the way we are playing is the best way, but we like to do things right. So, this Friday we are getting a quick lesson on the north shore – more to come.
  3. Grab a partner! We tend to do most of our fitness related activities together – so why should this be any different? Playing with a partner is fun, social, and keeps you motivated. Plus, who’s to say there can’t be a wine and tennis Wednesday in our near future?

This will be a journey – we’ll keep you posted! Happy Monday, Boston.


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