Girl Crush: Natasha Oakley

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We are all occasionally subject to a girl crush, even Little Big Town wrote a song about it. Well, after a recent Well + Good Article on Natasha Oakley, we embarked on what seems to be the beginnings of one ourselves.

Who is she? Natasha acquired a large following and fan base through her social media platforms whom demanded more “Natasha”, a photo a day of her adventures was not enough, they wanted to know where her clothes where from, what her beauty regime was and where she was staying during her travels! Enter: Natasha Oakley Blog.

Why we love her? Tash is in a bikini every day, and yet, even with a rockin bod, she has an amazing outlook on health and wellness. Here is her definition of what it means to be “bikini ready”:

“It’s really about balancing your lifestyle in terms of fitness and mental health—you’re the most confident you when you know you’re healthy. And there’s a lot more to that than looking like the stereotypical swimsuit model. So many girls are aspiring to be swimwear models these days, or to have that, quote, “bikini body”—and there are definitely certain segments of the media pushing a particular look. Fortunately, there are models like Ashley Graham representing curvy women and showing how beautiful they are in bikinis.

Favorite swimsuit of hers? This one.


Favorite product she uses? Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Shimmer


Check out her blog, A Bikini A Day and crush away, Boston.


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