The Crunch List – 9.4.2015

Happy LDW eve! We’ve got a few things on our radar heading into the long weekend:

1. Tom Brady! The man is free – and Boston officially feels alot better about the end of summer. Here’s hoping Giselle + Brady will also make it out on top.

tom brady

2. ‘Adulthood Made Easy’ podcast. There are a lot of podcasts out there, but this is one you must subscribe to. All the Q’s I’ve had since leaving college and living on my own – like about finding a doctor, keeping in touch with friends, networking – are discussed in this podcast. It’s geared towards recent grads/20-somethings, but I really think its well-suited for anyone!

adulthood made easy

3. LinkedIn etiquette.  Sometimes LinkedIn just feels like another social networking tool to maintain, but I got inspired to clean mine up after reading this article – it can be a powerful tool for your career and personal growth when used right!

tom haverford linked in

4. Yummly. A few things I don’t like about cooking: I don’t like recipes with too many ingredients. I don’t like recipes with too many steps or that require the use of a lot of kitchen tools. Annnnnd, I don’t like searching through the overwhelming amount of recipes available online. Well, problem(s) solved – with the Yummly app. It’s basically like a streamlined Pinterest personalized based on your preferences (i.e. ingredients you don’t like, cooking level, favorite type of food). Plus, the best part: it’s integrated with Instacart – add all the ingredients from recipes you’ve planned for the week into your shopping cart and you can place your order. Done and done. I have a feeling this app will be my best friend during Whole 30.



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