Stuck In A Rut? Here Are 5 Ways To Feel Better

Every so often, we get this feeling that we are stuck in a rut. Whether it be at work, fitness-related, or the way we are eating (I feel like all I eat is chicken these days), it’s important to take the time to diagnose this feeling, and take the necessary steps to change your outlook and shift it to a more positive focus. When I am getting all too tied up in the day to day motonity, here are a few things I have been trying to do when I am feeling not so hot:


1. Do something free and fun. Sometimes there just aren’t enough exciting moments to fill our weeks/weekends. If you have nothing to look forward to in the upcoming weeks, plan something that won’t cost you anything like a hike at a local mountain (we are headed to NH this weekend), or invite some friends over to watch football on Sunday (go Pats!).


2. Be your most fierce self for one day. I remember when I read this, it made me smile. We see all the celebs looking fabulous doing the most mundane activities – pumping gas, grocery shopping, walking their dog. Throw on your favorite outfit and put a little extra time into getting ready for errands this Saturday. Sometimes when we look good, we feel good in return.


3. Work it out. It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins, and in turn, makes you feel better. My exercise routine has been feeling a little stale lately so I have started to switch it up with Barre and cardio classes that are different, and it’s been making me feel much more energized and fresh.


4. Let yourself be sad for a set amount of time.  This was the best advice I have ever received. Whether you went through something traumatic, or are just having a few bad days, let yourself be sad! We aren’t often inclined to structure our wallow, and it can go on and on if we let it. The key is to take control—control of how we respond to negative feelings and emotions. And one way to do that is to allot a time limit to be upset. That way, we validate our disappointment while also showing that our feelings don’t have us, we have them. Give yourself a few hours, 2 days, or one week to be sad, and then move on.


5. Cleanse your wardrobe. I have to admit, I am a bit obsessed with this “feel better” technique. I have been cleaning out my closet in stages and sticking closely to the notion, if I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s out. I have been sending in the rejects through ThredUp (a service that pays you or donates your clothes), and feel noticeably better afterwards. Purging your wardrobe makes room for new clothes that can give you the boost and the optimism you are looking for.


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