Instacart – There Is No Longer Any Excuse Not To Have Healthy Food


We get it, summer weekends are filled with BBQ’s and outings, beach trips, weddings, and family gatherings. My highly organized Sunday night ritual of grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping has totally gone out the window (cue Sunday Scaries). Welcome Instacart into your life. This new app provides the opportunity to pick your favorite groceries from local stores, have them delivered at a convenient time, AND maintains a low shipping rate (free for your first order, $3.99 after that).

You can browse healthy recipes, add the items to your cart, and even share carts with friends and family. I have to say I am a devoted fan – it even saves me money by letting me choose from less expensive grocery store options I would have otherwise not been able to frequent. Give it a try – free shipping and $10 off your first order so no excuses!

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