The Crunch List – 8.28.15

It’s Friday, and the last one we will be seeing in August (and the summer?!). Don’t fret, Boston; Here are some links we love to take you into the weekend.


1.Five bedroom rules we like to follow (when we can).


2. Nine fashion buyer picks for the fall.


3. Tom Brady’s transformation. Because it is almost football season. And I love Tom.

Style: "A"

4. Tips for better sleep. Because honestly, who doesn’t need that?


5. Food capitals of the world (according to instagram).

Happy Friday, Boston. Have a great weekend.


The Crunch List – 8.21.2015

It’s Friday, and we’re feeling particularly crunchy – see what caught our eye online in this week’s The Crunch List.

(insert unrelated picture of Miles Teller because Friday <3)

miles teller the punch list 7.29

1. So, do jerks make more money? You know you were thinking it… and here’s your answer.

2. The Sephora skincare section: we’ve all been there before, debating whether or not to splurge on that 24K gold face mask because it promises a luxurious, youthful looking complexion. Sure, rubbing 24K gold on your face might be nice for the story or for the Insta, but the beauty editors in this article tell us drugstore beauty products work just as well. Great, we’ll stick with our Cetaphil, thank you very much.

3. Legitimate concerns for those who live and die by their phones: #firstworldproblems.

4. The end of summer is the epitome of bittersweet – with an emphasis on bitter. I’ve got a serious case of the summer blues, but this article is helping pull me out of it. For even more motivation, check out the Quora feed that sparked the article in the first place.

Ciao for now!

The Crunch List

To help you deal with your “It’s already August and summer is almost over” feelings that may have crept in, here are some of our favorite things this week:


1. The best and worst deals at Trader Joe’s. Sigh. They get me every time.


2. Make your own balsamic drizzle. Trust me, it makes EVERYTHING better.


3. 50 ways to feel better about yourself right now. Because, why not?


4. Everything you need to know about packing a mason jar salad.


5. How to fix your brows in 60 seconds.

The Crunch List

A few things top of mind this week…

23 things your should know how to do by now

1. Growing up is hard to do, but there are a few things you should at least know how to do by now.

2. Bikinis and bloating do not mix – here’s how to banish that bloat.
3. Step up your toothbrush game with quip.
4. Closet optimization – try it and make room for the new.
5. Your keys will love hanging out in this bright and fresh catch-all.

CrunchList (AKA – A new series of links we love to love)


1. The app that monitors your posture. Unfortunately, we both desperately need that…


2.  7 ways to feel your best in 60 seconds


3. 12 Self Made billionaires share 36 inspiring quotes – because reading them will take us one step closer to being billionaires ourselves.


4. But seriously…how cool is this coffee art?


5. 2 healthy (ish?) cocktails to take you into your weekend.